SF city supervisor Chris Daly penned an open letter to the folks over at SFBG today, asking them to endorse la Migden for reelection. In an exhausting race for State Senator, over the last year Mark Leno and Carole Migden have been shamelessly entertaining in their back and forth bickering, politicking, and bile spewing. (Come June, we will miss their open hatred for each other. Seriously.) But now Daly is going to bat for Migden, the way Migden did for Daly when she "help[ed] to fund a door-to-door effort to get out the Daly vote."

Also, of course, she's better for progressives than Leno, thus better for Daly.

Anyway, SFist demanded SFBG editor Tim Redmond tell us just who in the hell they plan on endorsing. Alas, he wouldn't budge. The nerve. "We, of course, appreciate Sup. Daly's input, and I appreciate the dozens of calls I've gotten on both sides of this race. It's obviously a tough one for us, and our endorsement will be out Wednesday," Redmond tells SFist.

So...look for it then.

Speaking of alt weeklies: anyone notice SF Weekly's cozy new dimensions this week?