What's brilliant about Wine Country is that it's secretly a methamphatimine-making hot spot. No amount of police presence and Fume Blanc tastings will change that fact. Take, for example, Sonoma County, which played host to one of the "biggest meth busts in the Bay Area" on Tuesday night. Three people were arrested after a trucking company in Cotati was raided by the DEA. The fuzz ended up snaring "29 pounds of methamphetamine valued at $1.3 million."

The raids, which happened at Discovery Transportation, were due in part to an investigation by the DEA, the FBI, and Sonoma County narcotics agents. Two men were taken into custody, 42-year-old Miguel Murillo-Dominguez and 23-year-old Miguel Murillo Jr. (a family operation!), and Murillo-Dominguez's femme fatal, Elia, was also arrested for having a controlled substance on her.

Oh, and Oakland police wasted time and taxpayers' dollars by busting a pot growing operation last night. Over 2,100 dangerous pot plants were seized during the bust.

Photo evidence provided by CBS 5 (via the DEA), boasting a booty of 29 pounds of "ice" methamphetamine, 1 ounce cocaine, and 1 pound mary jane.