[Warning: faint-worthy post to follow.]

SFist's favorite lady with whom to party, Tablehopper, reports that PlunpJack's Balboa Cafe will be serving up free hamburgers to anyone who donates a pint of blood. In her latest newsletter, Marcia tells us:

Ever wonder about the legendary ~BALBOA CAFÉ~ burger? Now's your chance: they will be dishing out a free Balboa Burger to anyone who donates a pint of blood aboard Blood Center of the Pacific's (BCP) bloodmobile parked outside on Thursday, April 3, 1pm–6pm. To donate blood, one must be healthy, at least 17 years old and weigh 110 pounds or more (you hear that, tiny Marina girls?). To schedule an appointment time, please contact Emily Thrasher, [email protected] or 415-346-5712. Walk-in donors will also be accepted. To make an appointment online, visit www.bloodheroes.com.

Presumably the gays cannot give blood along with the anorexic Marina girls. Alas. But still, the remaining 95% (okay, fine--65%) of our readership should contact Emily Thrasher for nice, juicy, thick, warm hamburger in exchange for having more than a cup of blood pumped out of your system via a thin, hollow needle. Mmm.