Our sources tell us that Halloween in the Castro as we knew it is now dead. Long live a dull and tedious San Francisco.

Although supervisors promised us that Halloween in the Castro would return for 2008, it turns out that it will not make a spooktacular comeback; in fact, it won't return at all. The event is no more. Dead. It seems that the Entertainment Commission -- whose job, it seems, is to prevent entertainment from happening within the 7x7-mile radius of San Francisco -- has come up with the brilliant idea that the bombastic and very San Francisco holiday, Halloween in the Castro, will be finished.

So, will the Castro be on lock down every Halloween? We're dying to find out. And we're disgusted. How about you?

To recap, last year Halloween in the Castro was canceled, which saw all of the neighborhood's bars and clubs close down as the predominately queer neighborhood tunned into a police state for the night. (To re-live the non-drama, visit SFist's live-blogging coverage of Halloween 2007 here.)