Forbes annual list of billionaires around the world came out today. Jealous? And for the first time in 14 years Warren Buffett (at $62 billion) snatched the number one spot from Bill Gates (who came in at a dismal $58 billion.) This post was created using Explorer, not Firefox, in condolence.

But who, you ask, took the top spots for the Bay Area? Well, Oracle founder Larry Ellison (coming in at #14 with $25 billion), of course. The surgically enhanced Ellison beat out Google brat pack trifecta Sergey Brin, Larry Page, and Eric Schmidt.They came in at #32, #33, and #142, respectively. Apple's Steve Jobs numbered at #189, and San Francisco's very own George Lucas (we're officially claiming him as our own since LucasArts is in the Presidio) ranked at #277.

47 Bay Area fat cats in all made the billionaire list. For a comprehensive list of people who can afford better blow than you, go here.