Students at Encinal High School walked out of their classrooms today in response to proposed budget cuts. Last night the school board held a tense meeting that went well into the wee hours of the morning, voting to increase class sizes by cutting advanced placement classes, most high school sports, music in the elementary schools, and counselors in the middle schools, reports NBC 11. Students walked out today, marching straight over to the school district's headquarters. They carried signs reading "No Us No Future," "No Sports No School" and "You're Tearing Down Our Future." According to the high school principal:

When NBC11's Ethan Harp asked the principal if he thought students would go back to class.

He said, "Would you go back to class if you were 16 years old and out in this beautiful day?"

Nice. Wish we had that kind of principal growing up. Anyway, student body president Ian Merrifield goes on to tell NBC11 that the students have no plans of returning to class today. And there were, alas, no Frank Chu spottings.

Photo: NBC 11