Laughing Squid broke the news that game designer Gary Gygax, co-creator of Dungeons & Dragons (1974)/co-founder of Tactical Studies Rules, died today at the ripe age of 69. According to LS, his death was announced on the Troll Lord Games forum. Steve (AKA the High Lord, Coburg the Undying, he who sits on the elephants back of the Castle and Crusade Society) had this to say on the forums:

It is almost too much to get my mind about. But I've just had news that our dear Dungeon Master has passed away. Ernie called this morning, he thought we should let the fans know. He's just sent an email out.

Gary was in his home when he gathered himself up to cross the great divide.

He was a very dear friend of mine. And I will miss him so.

God Speed My Friend.

Very sad news, indeed. And please forgive us for the glaring lack of D&D puns, hit-point references, or whatever; we really don't know much about this popular and controversial game. (Save for the animated cartoon, which was AWESOME if only for Sheila alone.) We were forbidden to play it as a kid because it was, it seems, the work of Satan. Or so we were told. Alas.

Photo: Alan De Smet