Today a federal judge told the prosecutors to "re-craft its perjury case against Barry Bonds." The judge on the Bonds case, Susan Illston, claims that they "improperly lumped multiple alleged offenses into each of four counts of its indictment of the former Giants star." Whoops. Illston slammed the Bonds indictment, which was handed up last November, as "duplicitous." According to the Chron:

By law, the government can only accuse a person of one crime per count of an indictment. But the judge said that in Bonds' perjury case, the slugger was being accused of telling as many as five different lies under oath in each count of the indictment.

She said the government could correct the flaws by rewriting the indictment or filing a new one.

To recap: former baseball great, Barry Bonds, in case you've been living under a rock or only watch womens figure skating to get your sports fix, is charged with perjury, obstruction of justice and lying under oath after denying that he used illegal from care of BACLO. The prosecutors have until March 21 to get it together.