On Thursday, Juan Zuluaga, 26, was arrested at the SF Zoo following a run-in with a rhinoceros. It seems, according to the Chron, that Zuluaga was busted for throwing acorns at Mashaki, a black rhino:

Police said they were summoned to the zoo at 3:30 p.m. Thursday after a patron reported to officials that Zuluaga was picking acorns off a branch and tossing them at the black rhino, a male named Mashaki. Zuluaga was with another man, who was not cited.

Jesus Christ. Someone explain to us the thought process behind going to the zoo to actively annoying aggressive animals. You know, animals that could kill you? Sure, we used to burn tons of ants with lighter fluid and a Bic as a kid -- who didn't? -- but this stupefies us. The animals at the zoo don't need your shit, people. Back off.

Anyway, according to SF Zoo spokesperson Lora LaMarca, "[h]e tried whistling at (the animal), then grabbed a branch and took acorns off it," which he then tossed at the animal. Zuluaga was cited and then released following the incident.