State Senator Leland Yee introduced a bill in the State Legislature this morning that, if passed, would see traffic fines double for violations occurring along the deadly strip of San Francisco road known as 19th Avenue. (Shudder.)

Over the past few years, 19th Avenue -- which connects San Mateo County with San Francisco and pierces commercial and residential sections of the city rife with foot traffic -- has played host to numerous traffic accidents and several pedestrian deaths. Yee's bill, which was initially vetoed by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, will go into effect at the start of Jan. 9. Oh joy. That's less than one year away!

But don't fret, pedestrians of San Francisco: next month the California Department of Transportation will start construction on a swank new series of pedestrian-safety improvements, including "countdown signals at 10 intersections, more visible traffic signals, and fiber optic cables to coordinate traffic signals," according to CBS5. Add said improvements to this double-fine bill, and 19th Ave. sounds safe enough to babysit your newborn.

Also, great timing there, powers that be. It's only been almost a half a decade since we brought this up, and something is finally getting done about it. Kudos!