• The closing of Ginger's Trois makes us want to go on a shooting rampage, but alternatives might very well exist to the beloved, downtown, homosexually-inclined bar? [Yelp]
  • And yet another setback to having genital herpes. [SFGate]
  • Oops. [Eater]
  • Napa fire claims the lives of two adults and two kids. [CBS 5]
  • What the candidates like to eat, and what makes them want to vomit. (Also, rib-eye steak on the grill? Shut up, Mike Huckabee.) [CHOW]
  • Oh, we're extending the voting deadline until tomorrow for best cab service to call in SF. While we understand the desperate need for more cabs -- which, yeah, someone please get on that -- we still want your say on who to call. [SFist]

Altered image credit: Yelp's Mike W.