It looks like Survivor: Cook Island winner Yul Kwon won't get to serve you air-pumped, sugary, dairy-like deliciousness. After getting ready to set up a Red Mango chain in North Beach, and after being granted a building permit and signing a lease, his permit was pulled after he was "told he ran afoul of the strict North Beach ordinance against 'formula chain' stores," or so says the Gate. Kwon went on to say, "I sorely regret the day that I decided to open a restaurant in San Francisco, and I will never make that mistake again." Ouch. True and choice words, Puka Puka tribesman.

What's more, when people got wind about this, they told Kwon to mention his -ness to help sway Supervisor Aaron Peskin, in an effort to help him land the permit. But according to Kwon, "Peskin told him he doesn't own a TV." (Wait, Peskin doesn't own a TV? A lie. And if by chance that's true? Classism framed in its most pretentious and socially-acceptable form. Vile.) Yul, you silly New Yorker, nepotism and status in San Francisco only works from within.

Edited for geographical clarity. See where xenophobia gets you? Oy.