It was announced today that SF Chronicle's editor, Phil Bronstein, will be "shifting his role from running day-to-day operations in the newsroom to taking on broader strategic responsibilities at the paper and for its owner, Hearst Corporation." Whoa.

What's more, you will get to read more of that Bronstein voice:

In addition, Bronstein will write for The Chronicle and "I got into this profession because of my great love for words and how they can be used to move people," he said. "Hearst is a huge company with amazing creative resources and I'm really looking forward to diving into the possibilities that presents."

Although Phil will still hold the title of executive vice president of The Chronicle, he will "assume the title editor-at-large, both for the paper and for the newspapers division of Hearst." A new editor, it seems, will be announced shortly. Intriguing. More to come, folks. More to come.

He rids himself of the Stone, now this promotion. Way to go, Philip.

For the press release in its entirety, you might as well jump.

Image credit: SF Weekly