To say Richmond has been a mainstay would be an understatement. We've lived here for years and we can't really remember a time when Richmond wasn't on TV. We also can't remember a time when people didn't look at the redness in his eyes and wonder if he was stoned all the time. Richmond, who is 65 (!) has been with KTVU for forty years and has anchored the 10 o'clock news since 1976.

Dennis was a rare TV news anchor in that he was actually good. He was serious and treated the news seriously-- we can't ever remember him cracking a joke let alone a smile and he never did all that cheesy happy talk that mars too many a newscast. He just sat there and read the news. In fact, you could kind of say he was kind of boring, but in a good way. As a result KTVU was a bit of a throwback news show, kind of the way newscasts are supposed to be, or were supposed to, or what have you.

Good luck, Dennis--things won't be the same without ya!