As seen in the graphic above (pulled from the LA Times), and because of last week's fatal attacks, tiger security improvement is needed. Soon. In 30 days, according to the Gate, SF Zoo will have a brand spanking new tiger-grotto security system. The architect who created the zoo's Grizzly Gulch exhibit, Sam Singer, will also now design the safer new tiger grotto. Although no details of the new tiger grotto designed have been released, we're sure "more safe" will be a bullet point or four.

In other tiger-related news: those damn brothers, Paul Dhaliwal and Kulbir Dhaliwal. Ugh. Ever since the attack, they have "maintained their silence" for some bizarre yet suspicious reason. The duo haven't even contacted the father of the boy who, if reports are accurate, saved their lives during Tatiana's attack. Seriously, what is their problem? Are they just vile human beings? Scared? Working on the movie deal rights?