No one pulled out a bitch's clump of hair. That's the big news. Oh, and some other stuff happened, ahem:

The Club's membership voted tonight on the February 2008 ballot and the June 2008 State Senate primary, and the endorsements are...

Prop 92 (Community College Funding) - Yes
Props 94 - 97 (Gaming Compacts) - No
Prop A (Neighborhood Parks Bond) - Yes
State Senate - Carole Migden

No endorsements in the presidential primary, or on Prop 91, Prop 93, or Props B or C (endorsements require a 60% vote).

Which brings us to an important issue: just where do Harvey Milk Club members go to have fun? We assume many of them are you garden variety top-top couples, XX-chromosome carriers aside, but surely the male(-ish) members need to release energy now and then in a public forum. Like, we can't imagine them kicking it with us at Aunt Charlie's Lounge or Deco. Then again, we can't really see them hanging out with Donna Sachet and adult film stars, attempting to undo the fiscal damage caused by this year's non-Halloween in the Castro. Anyway, just curious. Political gays seem like a finicky (though dashing) lot.