Each Tuesday we will feature new music that should (or whatever) be on your radar.

Trying to decide what to feature this week was rough. Our choices were slim to none, ranging from the Wu Tang Clan to Bow Wow/Omarion; we just weren't feeling it. Then, we were checking one of our favorite blogs, Stereogum and we came across Vampire Weekend's new song, "I Stand Corrected." We got all excited since we're still reeling from last week's entertaining concert but after listening to the new track, we weren't impressed and considered it a bit dull (see above).

This week there aren't any stand-outs or even anything that should be featured. A few Christmas singles were released - most notably, Katharine McPhee's "O Come All Ye Faithful," and Maroon 5's "Happy Xmas (War is Over"). But, even those singles were unfortunately unimpressive and ultimately boring.

The only fun thing that came out of today's music industry was iTune's "Best Of" lists: Best of 2007 - Top Sellers, Best of 2007 - TV, and the most interesting, Best of 2007 - Editor's [Music] Choice which was broken down into "Best Albums", "Best Songs" and "Best New Artists".

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