Filled with a combustible mix of conceit and twink rage, Leigh Wolf, hot piece of ass and President of the College Republicans at SFSU, interrupted Sean Penn's Dennis Kucinich-endorsement speech on Friday. Basically, he quietly held up a sign that (incorrectly) whined about Sean "supporting the moral majority's America's Enemies, " or something inane like that. Meaning to impress someone more than make an important or clear statement, Wolf's protest... oh, who knows? But we now plan on committing acts of sodomy, having an abortion or two, and assaulting Patricia Heaton just to piss him off. And for giggles.

But the real story here is the minor scuffle Wolf gets into with an equally fine Kucinich supporter. While not a full on wrestling match, the confrontation got our blood pumping nevertheless. It seems that Brian Rutledge (according to YouTube) tried to squelch Wolf's silent protest by confronting him during Penn's speech. And by "confronting him," we mean "getting hard for each other." Why, just look at the humidity between the two Boys Gone Wild at 1:25. They're practically exchanging fluids before they realize that they're in front of an audience, then self-consciously pulling back. So Maurice. So hot.

Penn, of course, played it cool the entire time. (So, can we be in your movie now? No? OK, fine.)

Thanks, Tabby, for sending this our way.