UPDATE: according to one eyewitness who went to the police station after the drive-by to make a report, "all of the gunshot victims died." However, after talking to SFPD, all victims are listed "critical or serious" condition as of noontime today. We had falsely reported otherwise. Oops.)

A little after 1 a.m. this morning, three people were shot near the intersection of Stillman and Third streets.

Right after the dozen or so gunshots jostled the troubled street, residents in neighboring buildings claim that they saw "two men with guns" get into a (burgundy?) Nissan Sentra-looking car after the shooting subsided, which then sped west down Stillman.

What they (we) also saw was a man lying on the ground. It appeared that he was bleeding from his chest, but also moving as he was picked up and carried away to San Francisco General Hospital by EMT along with the other two victims. No word yet as the their identities or conditions.

While mildly charming during the day, this eastern SOMA neighborhood strip -- located just under the I-80 overpass and a block away from infamous nightspot, City Nights -- is notoriously plagued with aggressive mischief during the night.

Anyway, we'll update as soon as we know more.