At the beginning of the episode we were put through the always boring selection-of-the-models ritual. This could be a more entertaining aspect of the show if the models were given the chance to display any kind of personality, but so far they haven't. (Also, how awesome would it be if "America's Next Top Model" contestants had to be models on this show? SO awesome, that's how awesome.)

So, he picked her, she picked her, he picked her, yadda yadda, on with it. Heidi then told the designers they'd be designing for a "pop culture and fashion icon." Remember the season they were told the same thing and it turned out they had to design dresses for Barbie? The designers pondered who (or what) that icon could be, and they threw out the names Madonna, Britney, and Snow White. You know. Snow White, the fashion icon!

Eventually Tim Gunn entered the studio to introduce the icon: Sarah Jessica Parker! There was much clapping, hooping, hopping, and hollering. And some crying. Yes, crying. By our boy Chris, no less! He explained that he was overcome with emotion because "Sex and the City" is the reason he decided to move to New York. (To help save Carrie from her numerous fashion disasters, we hope!)