Black Friday, the Friday after Thanksgiving, the day where big retail shoppers traditionally break even for the year! Traditionally considered the biggest shopping day of the year! Is it retail therapy? ....Or is it kowtowing to the gods of capitalism and binding the workers who long to be free?

Well, if you're heading out to Union Square today but feel kind of guilty about it, you can at least make yourself feel a little better by stopping by the United Elves Guild of San Francisco work strike at the cable car turnaround at Powell and Market from noon to 1, where local elves are demonstrating their solidarity with Reverend Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping (whose documentary "What Would Jesus Buy?" is conveniently opening later tonight at the Lumiere).

We're looking forward to watching the Elves yell it out with the Apocalypse Tomorrow picketers and the guys who drum on the plastic buckets! As to the question if we're shopping today.... oh, we don't know, but we might at least at some fun shiny objects while we're in the Union Square area, right?