Yeah, yeah, it's been a crazy few months at the day job for us (thanks for noticing, commenter MHTH! We really are trying to get back to a semi-normal posting schedule again soon, we swear) but what are we thankful for? One word -- BROCK! (And that's why we didn't send in our thankfulness post with everyone else's a couple posts below -- there's no way Brock would have run it otherwise!)

Thanks, Brock, for so ably taking over the helm of SFist, and we're sure we speak for all the other original co-founders and the other co-editors of SFist when we say it's been truly a pleasure watching the site develop under your leadership and seeing where the future of SF bloggery's going to take us. The site's in good hands!

Okay, off to the ritual stuffing of self with pumpkin pie. See you guys tomorrow.