The Third Annual Thanksgiving Dodgeball Game is kicking off at 9 p.m. at Dolores Park, Thanksgiving Day. While it's probably best that you go after your food's been well digested, there's nothing like getting pummeled with balls to help you work off those turkey pounds. Just make sure to bring your own balls (literally and figuratively, we suppose) as whoever is running this thing has told us that they won't be supplying the, uh, supplies.

Also after doing a little Google searching, if your heart has a little dodgeball shaped hole missing in case you miss this opportunity to gleefully hit people you know with balls, then check this out: The National Dodgeball Association is an actual organization with tournaments and not just a made-up group from a movie. Take your game to nationals and all that dodgeball glory will be yours. -- Dianne de Guzman