Each Tuesday we will feature new music that should (or whatever) be on your radar.

Standouts: (There are no major standouts this week)

2. Enchanted - Soundtrack: We are thinking that the only song on this album that's worth listening to is Jon McLaughlin's "So Close." We've seen him twice in concert and each time he's been nothing but stellar. We think we'll just download that one song.

3. U2 - Joshua Tree (Remastered): Nothing much that we can add to this, except if you don't own this masterfully crafted 80's album, then go buy the remastered version. For old and new fans alike, U2 re-releases one of our favorite albums. Ever.

4. Six Organs of Admittance - Shelter from the Ash: iTunes classifies Six Organs of Admittance as "freak folk." You laugh, but it's true. We have to agree with them on that. It seems that you have to be in the right mood to venture into the mind of Ben Chasney. Check out their free show at Amoeba in Berkeley on Thursday, December 6th. (Listen to: "Jade Like Wine.")

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