This Friday -- Black Friday -- Michaela Alioto-Pier's little neighborhood that thrives on ridicule will become a little more ridicule-less. At 9 a.m., Pacific Standard Time, on the day of November twenty-third, two thousand and seven, the store at 2125 Chestnut will open its doors. And at that moment? Apple will welcome in its third San Francisco store, completing the trilogy started by its flagship location on Stockton Street and the other one in the Stonestown Mall.

According to Apple Insider, the new store will psychotically slash "dozens of items below retail cost." Yay. Or whatever. And other than zealous Mac fans smashing the shop's hymen with aplomb, we have no idea what to expect. Will there be middle-of-the-road entertainment, like the music heard on Mac commercials? Will Alioto-Pier roll on by to welcome the nerdy throngs? Will they convert us to using Mac? (Never!) Will they have free stuff? It's practically almost exciting!