Every year at Thanksgiving, you're bound to forget one or two critical items. A shallot, cooking twine, mushrooms, Ketel One -- something will slip your mind and you run the risk of having your Thanksgiving dinner collapse in on itself. And then you've ruined everything. Everything!

But who can we prevent such yellow wallpapered hysteria? This is where you come in: do you know of any grocery stores that stay open late on Thanksgiving Day? A good list of open-late store would sure keep our audience from curling up in the fetal position on Thanksgiving Day.

So far we know that Whole Foods (SOMA) stays open until 2 p.m., Golden Produce (Church/Market) until 3 p.m., Rainbow Grocery is closed (no doubt taking the day off to mourn the genocide of Native Americans by the pilgrims), and some of your finer 7-11 might have a box of Stove-Top Stuffing and canned gravy available. Any others?

Update: Inspired by our cry for stores that are open late, Menu Pages has also complied a brief list of SF stores open late on Thanksgiving.

All Safeway stores in the city are open until 6 p.m.
Cala on Hyde and Pine streets is open until 6 p.m.
Delano's on South Van Ness Avenue and 24th Street is open until 6 p.m.
Delano's on Geary Boulevard and 28th Avenue is open until 4 p.m.