Between the oil spill and Barry being his Bonds self, crime has been a wee bit sloooow over the past few days -- well, at least reports of foolish mischief seem sluggish.

-- Santa Rosa fuzz have a suspect in the robbery/shooting death of Gurdip Singh, which took place at Bill's Market far away in the land of Santa Rosa this past Monday. Javier Pena, 37, is now in custody. Good ol' CBS 5 says that "Pena was initially taken into custody Wednesday on a parole violation and was subsequently connected to the shooting robberies based on evidence uncovered from search warrants on three separate Windsor residences and a vehicle." Pena has one count of homicide, three counts of attempted homicide, and last but not least, three counts robbery coming his way. Alas.

-- Misti Mina Hassan, 31, pleaded not guilty this morning to charges of murdering her nine-year-old son. As we all know by now, "Hassan told a friend in San Jose by phone Oct. 10 that she had hurt herself and killed her son", via a drug overdose.

Also, her preliminary hearing was a bit zany at the end. "As she was led out of the courtroom, a man apparently signaled to her," so he was arrested for, get this, communicating with an inmate. Who knew that was a crime? Strange. Any legal types want to fill us in on the latter charge?

image credit: CBS5