Later this month you will start to see something droll, orthodontically-estranged, and charmingly inbred on the street of San Francisco: British-like double decker buses. San Francisco will be trying out the 14-foot-tall buses along the busy streets of Geary and Mission to see how the riding public feels about them. Will you be a top rider or a bottom?

Now, this can be either very, very good or very, very bad. The good: easy maneuverability, somehow able to relief "congested streets," throngs of happy passengers whistling The Colonel Bogey March. The bad: you will be gang-raped and murdered on the top level by ugly, swarthy teens.

Anyway, it starts out as a short-term experiment, but if all goes well, we might have 'em permanently. Keep an eye out for the buses after Thanksgiving. Also, we hope that they're still red. And don't tip over on us while we're on the sidewalk. What do you all think?