Eater SF uncovered something new and morally-questionable -- two of our favorite topics -- TablePronto, an online service that scalps restaurant reservations. Basically, it's a site that allows you to buy and sell reservations for a price. As of now they have a scant few available for SF:

- Perbacco, 11/16, 9pm, $18; Foreign Cinema, 11/16, 8:30pm, $15; Town Hall, 11/16, 9:15pm, $10; Aqua, 11/16, 8:45pm, $10

Oh, all prime dining hours, too!

But we can't see this being too, too popular in SF since reservations aren't that difficult to come by compared to LA or NYC. At best, it can be used in case you need to cancel on that dinner at Chez Panisse at the last moment. And at worst? Restaurants can use TablePronto to make an extra, slimy buck. (Although we doubt the latter. If word ever got out that establishments were engaging in such back-door dirtiness, word-of-mouth would destroy them faster than the health department. Well, not San Francisco's health department, per se, know what we mean.)

Also, on the site, they ask you not to discuss "TablePronto to the restaurant under all/any circumstances as your enjoyment of the service is our highest goal." Our enjoyment? How sweet, you guys! And what a total lie. Still, a good idea for those of you desperate to get in for some grub somewhere glamorous. We this site taking off come Valentine's day week.