We just received word that for the past two or three days (!?), 17th Street has been without power from at least Valencia up to Dolores. Anyone else have any word of this supposed outage? Seeing as how this is one attractive and expensive strip of real estate, right at the nexus of two neighborhoods, this is of the utmost importance.

An SFister writes to us from the dark, telling us that 17th Street "has been without power for the past day and a half -- everything from Valencia to Dolores. No hot water either, or at least in my apartment. I did a quick scan of the news but don't see anything, which is weird considering it's only, like, one of the busiest thorough fairs thoroughfares in the friggin city." No hot water? Eeps! We're going to go ahead and blame teenagers for this one.

So...any reports of a PG&E-related powerlessness? A concentrated area of unbathed homosexuals, hipsters, or nouveau riche? Let us know!