From your SFist editor's district supervisor's blog:

A day before the polls open, local reporters already started writing their Election winners and losers stories. While I won’t make any big predictions, I am confident in calling this season the biggest win for me…

Saturday morning at 5:51, Grace Eolen blessed us with her arrival. Sarah had a brief but exciting labor and mother, baby, and proud big brother are doing great.

Oh wow, she's adorable. She melts our icy, chemically-altered, dead heart. We so want one now. And look: a footprint-print bankie! Dear God, what's become of us. Still, that is one cute baby.

Congratulations, Daly family! (Also, are we crossing some sort of line here, posting a picture of Chris Daly's newborn? We found this on our Flickr stream, but if it ain't cool, Daly family, let us know. Look at us, being all caring and shit. Sheesh. Also, any comments attacking a barely-week-old will be removed, pronto. Proceed with caution, folks.)

image credit: the daly blog