Although we're not sure at this point whether or not Ichinkhorloo "Iko" Bayarsaikhan's assailant is in custody, according to CBS 5, "at least three boys were taken into custody Tuesday morning after police developed several leads and served multiple search and arrest many as five people were taken into custody at one of the search warrant locations."

If you remember way back last week, 15-year-old Ichinkhorloo Bayarsaikhan was shot and killed at Washington Park during a botched robbery attempt while kicking it with some friends. The group of boys responsible for her shooting escaped on a bus, but now it seems that some or all of them have been caught. We'll update in the arrests when we know more.

Also, the Chronicle keeps reminding us that she emulated TV "chef" Rachael Ray, but we would like to think that Bayarsaikhan one upped her idol, making food that was tasty and digestible.