Either under the table for protection or hiding from someone sporting a fiendish fannypack-khakis combo, Catherine Kilkenny of San Jose's Willow Glen looks scared as all hell, doesn't she? Many people were. Last night's 5.6 earthquake, which we didn't feel but hear the majority of you did, tore nerves to shreds, shook the ground, and sent magazines flying to the floor.

In a little over 12 hours, it managed to cause quite the stir. Some people were in the middle of dinner when it happened. Others blogged about it. Some from a faraway land called Walnut Creek broke down local media coverage of it, and liqufaction was threatened.

But it's all over. For now.

-- For more safety information about emergency on tips surviving an earthquake, here are some handy do's & don'ts.

-- For free training in disaster and emergency response, visit NERT -- Neighborhood Emergency Response Team

-- Tips on making your pad safer, go to Quakeinfo.org.

-- Federal Emergency Management Agency, 415-923-7100