Readers responded with light speed and razor-sharp accuracy (more or less) when it came to detailing last night's devastating -- body-wash-plummeting-to-the-earth devastating! -- 5.6 quake. We will all look back on October 30, asking ourselves, where were we when the great 5.6 quake of '07 hit?

Well, after sending out the we-hope-you're-still-alive-and-kicking call to the SFist team at large, they responded. Here are a few of the shattering moments in the lives of some of your favorite SFisters, including Cedric's encounter with a slow-food movement hero in the form of a Michael Mina waiter.

-- Dan Johnson: "[I]t happened when I was on MUNI. Duh. The M-line would
cover up anything less than a 7.0"

-- Christopher Rogers: "I felt it VERY seriously in Oceanview, near SFSU. Of course, I'm on the second floor of a wood building. Biggest quake I've felt since
'89." However, he goes on to say, "two people I talked to in San Rafael (Terra Linda and Marinwood), both said essentially 'what's the big deal? Didn't feel anything.'"

-- Emily Cox: "Could totally feel it in Palo Alto... good times."

-- Julie Feinstein Adams: " a prenatal infant CPR/first-aid class at Alta bates in
Berkeley...all the big preggie mommies were happy to be in a hospital, just in case."

-- Leanne Maxwell: "We didn't feel it here in the TenderNob."