So now, in a semiotically treacherous move, they're saying that the disruptions are due to -Halloween. "No Halloween in the Castro. Possible delays and re-routed lines," says the MTA website. "Due to the cancellation of Halloween in the Castro, Muni service will be affected." Wink wink!

Here's some of the changes brought on by this so-called No-Halloween: the subway closes an hour early for its weeknight repairs, at 8:30pm (which means that Castro station will be closed); the F will run as a bus, not as a streetcar; bus lines will be prepared for re-routing if necessary (so they'll probably be sending out diesels, rather than the usual electric buses); and the BART station at 16th will be closed. Not sure why that last one was included.

So anyway, we're really looking forward to No-Halloween this year! Hey, do you have any No-Halloween plans? Going to any No-Halloween parties? Bet you've got a great No-Halloween costume. And to think: No-Christmas is right around the corner!