F---ing Red Sox.

Saints 31 49ers 10- We think we can describe this game in two words: oy and vey. How bad was this stinkeroo? The Saints scored on the first drive and were up 24-0 at half. If it wasn't for the fact Sean Payton is not Bill Belichik, this could have been a 52-7 blow out. Smith hurt himself again (although nobody could notice the difference), Gore is banged up and the Goateed One looked like he had steam coming out of his head the entire game. And for those of you keeping score at home, we have the first official "Nolan Must Go" story out.

Titans Blah Raiders Even More Blah- Seriously, the Raiders might not be the worst team in the NFL, but at this point, they probably qualify as the most boring, with a defense good enough to keep the other team from scoring but with an offense capable of scoring even less. At least the Dolphins and Rams (and 49ers) have some offense going in their games, even if it's usually the other team's. While the offense looked a little spry in the early going, after the being and nothingness of their past couple of games, their lackluster O is starting to look like a trend. Was Josh McNown really the offensive answer? Is it JaMarcus time? Did anybody watch this game the whole way through?

And to all you Raiders fans out there-- please, please don't sell out next week's game. Even you'd have to admit that watching the Colts/Pats next week would be way more fun than watching the Raiders. And we don't even mean that as an insult-- we mean that the Colts/Pats game is going to be b-a-n-a-n-a-s bananas.