As some readers have already pointed out, Saturday's collision of death at Dolores Park should prove interesting. With a bevy of corpses available for you to express yourselves, which one will you choose?

In addition to the "Thriller" dance record-breaking attempt at Dolores Park, Saturday's Antiwar march, starting at Civic Center at 11 a.m., will end up smack-dab at the same recreational area. Once there, the "Fall Out Against the War" marchers (another worldwide event happening on the same day) will stage a (symbolic) die-in "to bring home the 2 million Iraqis who have died, the 500,000 who are now refugees, and the nearly 4,000 U.S. soldiers who have died for an occupation that only benefits weapons manufacturers and oil corporations."

That's a lot of dead bodies scattered around DP this Saturday. Mind your step.

"Thriller" rehearsal image: btobin's flick stream; die-in pic: Glenn Beck