We heard some far off rumor that the Red Sox are going to the World Series (God, help us) but we're not so sure because OH MY GOD, JOE TORRE QUIT THE NEW YORK YANKEES!!!!!!!!! We can't wait for the Series to start so we can constantly hear about what A-Rod will do.

Anyways, we're rooting for neither team to win.

Giants 35 49ers 13- Well, that was about as ugly as pretty much everyone expected. The main problem for the 49ers, other than Trent Dilfer being the QB, is that the Giants fearsome D pretty much had their way with the Niners, stuffing the run and harassing Dilfer all afternoon. Also not a help-- thirteen penalties. The big news out of the game was that beleaguered offensive coordinator Jeff Hostler actually sat up in the booth to call plays. For some reason, that was a matter of issue with the team. He also opened up the playbook and tried to actually throw the ball, although a lot of that could be because they were behind for most of the game. Still, the big issue for Niners fans is that this team is regressing. Big time. Remember 2005 when the offense was one of the worst offenses of all-time and the team didn't win any games? Well, '07 is looking like the new '05.

Chiefs 12 Raiders 10- Both teams didn't do much but in a battle between nothing and not-much, the Chiefs got a little more of the not-much than the Raiders to win, their ninth straight over the Silver & Black. All of which means that the murmuring that soon will become a shout is for JaMarcus Russell to take over as the Raiders offense once again fell on hard times. Culpepper wasn't bad, 18-for-29 for 228 yards but did throw an interception when it counted most, during the last drive. Much worse was the running game that did pretty much nothing. Frankly, this game was boring as hell and the less said the better.

And finally, Scott Ostler brings up, the point that in two weeks, the Raiders will play the Texans at home at the exact same time the Colts are playing the Patriots in what just might be the Biggest. Game. Ever. Seriously—that game looks awesome. But if the Raiders actually sell out their joint, the Colts/Pats game will inexplicably not be shown here. So, either the NFL has to break some sort of rule so we can all see that game or, those of us who would rather watch good football, implore all you Raiders fans to NOT go to that game.