First off, we feel a tad icky for the following post. On one hand, we're playing into his game of profiting of his abuse of women. (For argument's sake, let us presume his gender to be that of an XY-chromosome carrier.) But on the other, women should be warned.

That said, someone going by the name of bayareatailgater on YouTube is taking videos of women's derrieres as they walk around SF and Bay Area streets and stores (i.e., Bay Area Booty), posting them, and compiling them on DVDs to be sold. Not to sound prudish, but...yuck.

He blathers on in his profile about making these fetish tapes "For THE PEOPLE! [Taping] All Kinds, From Slim To Thick To BBW...Variety Makes The World Go Around." Yet, it's hard to claim body-image activism when most if not all of the women in his videos have no knowledge or consent of the movie magic happen right behind them.

Anyway, ladies, if you see some guy getting all Martin Scorsese with your ass, you know, punch him or something.