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The rage of fire is completely encapsulated in the first EP with its screaming vocals and huge guitar riffs. The force of nature is felt in the powerful, "Firebreather" - though filled with rage, the listener feels the wrath of a 4-alarm fire without any professional response. You are left with a gaping, simmering hole. With the background keyboards (that sound a bit like a chorus of angels) on "Burn the Fleet," Thrice has created a world of kings who are fighting to victory. Victory that comes with the price of death. "But the fire continues to rise, and it shows not a hint of any fear in our eyes." An anthem of courage and triumph, Thrice continues to create an inferno of fury and immediacy that comes with the very nature of fire.

Volume II changes, completely. The haunting, yet somehow soothing, "Open Water" creates instant imagery with the words, "I am drowning, in a digital sea. I am slipping beneath the sound." The mix of electronicism and Dustin Kensrue's vocals is mesmerizing and intoxicating, something that is new to Thrice. "I'm cold and alone, drifting in the open sea. Caught up in regret, tangled in nets, instead of your arms wrapped around me." Thrice found the power of the sea and set it to music with perfection. Though we don't hear the sea's rage, we do feel the heartache and pulsating rush of the waves and the calm after the storm.
Download: "Burn the Fleet," "Digital Sea" and "Open Water"

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