Take tonight. There’s a cool concert at Herbst Theater, presented by Other Minds, an organization devoted to new music: Dennis Russell Davies and his partner, Maki Namekawa, playing music for two pianos from Philip Glass, but also J.S Bach (transcribed by György Kurtág), San Francisco’s Adam Fong and others. Plus, the composer will be on hand to socialize with you guys. Well, we don’t about Philip Glass, but Adam Fong, definitely.

Dennis Russell Davies is the conductor for the run of Appomattox at the SF Opera (except for the last performance, were Sara Jobin takes the podium) and has conducted the premiere of many a Philip Glass work (including his previous opera and plenty symphonies). He is an ardent advocate of modern music, and a better pianist than Glass himself.

Then the SF Conservatory of Music invited us to a bloggers night this Saturday, for a performance that includes works of Tan Dun (we saw his First Emperor last winter), Kaija Saariaho, Jay Lyon, Philip Glass and Benjamin Britten. You don't have to blog to attend, you should go anyway, but free drinks for bloggers? We're so there.

More after the jump! Picture above, Dennis Russell Davies and Maki Namekawa