Let's remember that Halloween also exists outside of the Castro. (It's not all about you, Castro denizens.) No, it's true. If you don't believe us, check out the many, many scary events going listed on I'm Staying Home for Halloween's site. A sampling:

-- Balkan Halloween Masquerade at Ashkenaz (Eek!)
-- All Hallow's Eve at DNA Lounge (Spooky!)
-- Ghost Walk starting at City Hall (Blasphemous!)
-- Kelly Rowland at Mezzanine (Boo!)
-- Good Vibrations Kinky Carnival of Halloween at Good Vibrations on Valencia (Burn them at the stake!)
-- Oprah Winfrey's The Color Purple at the Orpheum Theatre (Vomit!)

Anyway, be sure to bookmark this page if, you know, getting raped and killed under a golden shower is too spooktacular for you.

Image and costume credit: mecredis