Ravens 9 49ers 7- This game was U.G.L.Y.--you ain't got no alibi. Seriously, with all the things going on last Sunday and with the weather so beautiful, if you spent most of your day watching this game, you might need to reassess things about your life. Unlike us, of course, who spent the day watching the baseball playoffs. In the game, the Niners totaled 163 yards of offense. We repeat- 163 yards And Frank Gore (remember how he used to score all those touchdowns and run for all these yards?) continued making fantasy football owners everywhere bang their heads on the table by running for only 52 of those 163 yards. The problems with the Niners seem to be that the line ain't blocking, the receivers ain't getting open, and the play calling ain't very imaginative. Oh, and Trent Dilfer is the starting QB. The Niners have a bye week coming up and, like every coach on flailing teams, Mike Nolan says he'll change things up and making things better, as if one extra week of practice can suddenly turn this team into the Niners of, oh, six years ago. Speculation is also going that Nolan will take over all the offensive play-calling in hopes of livening things up.

We shall see.

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