Man, and we'd already cancelled all our usual plans! The Ed Jew October 26 trial's been delayed. Noooooooo!

They ended up postponing the trial because of Bill Fazio's request to withdraw as counsel -- Ed's been given two weeks to find a new lawyer, and Fazio estimates it'll take another 10-12 weeks for the new lawyer to get up to speed. While Ed appeared in court with his other lawyer, Steven Gruel, Gruel will not be handling the state case. Gruel's too busy handling the federal charges, we guess.

Fazio said he had to withdraw because Ed stopped speaking to him -- emails and phone calls went unanswered, and he had to hire a private investigator, who was forced to leave messages with Ed's wife at the Chinatown flower shop. Did you check in Burlingame, Mr. Fazio?

The silent treatment's gotten to poor Fazio (we imagine Ed telling his wife, in front of Fazio, "Did you hear something? I didn't hear anything."), who says, "I no longer felt I could ethically represent him."

No new trial date's been set. And Ed Jew, surprisingly, refused to take questions outside the courtroom. Probably because Fazio was there, huh? Do you feel a breeze in here?

Picture of Bill Fazio from CBS 5.