Bluepulse, which recently acquired $6 million in funding, is all about mobility: it's a phone-based social network of more than 2 million people in 150 countries. It's accessed via software on your phone that allows, amongst other things, messaging, video/picture sharing, and Internet content. We weren't sure what separates it from the variety of social networking apps out there, but Keighran himself cleared it up in an e-mail interview -- and answered some other questions as well.

1) You work in Silicon Valley yet live in San Francisco. Why's the valley good for Bluepulse, but the city's good for Ben? bplogo.JPG
The Bluepulse team is mainly engineers right now but we also need to attract great business people. We felt that by setting the company up in San Mateo, we would be able to attract people living in the South Bay, which seems to be more the engineering folk, as well as people from San Francisco, which seems to be more often than not, business people. So far it’s been a great decision for us to set up shop in San Mateo.

I personally chose to live in San Francisco because I am very much a city guy. In Australia, I grew up in the city of Sydney and it is just the sort of lifestyle that I enjoy. Culturally San Francisco is really similar to Sydney and San Francisco has the added benefit that lots of people are in the technology industry and therefore there are lots of people I have things in common with. I love San Francisco and have started calling it home. But I haven’t lost my Australian accent…yet.

The deal with bluepulse vs. other social networking and who it's meant for after the jump