Video suggests Gavin Newsom is preparing to clean house in San Francisco.

Whoa. Guess it's time to get rid of the bad blood at City Hall. Beginning last Friday, Mayor Newsom asked for resignation letters from his senior staff, city department heads, and those that he had anointed to serve on a city commission or board. Although he has zero competition during this race -- so it's not a move spurred by fear on his part, it seems -- he wants to start off fresh for his second term. out. (Also, why can't he just fire the undesireables, have them pack up their Swinglines, and have security escort them out of the office, like every other boss does?)

Newsom's new exfoliating regimen won't wipe out the entire lot. According to the Chronicle, he plans on dealing with "a few officials he has battled with since taking office in 2004" and will deal with the resignations "on a case-by-case basis." Delicious.

O! To be a fruit fly on his office wall as he thumbs through those letters!