Where is the best place to see art in the area?
Hard to pick one since they all have something different to offer. I always enjoy shows at Ampersand International Arts, Gregory Lind Gallery and Southern Exposure. Over in Oakland Swarm and Blankspace

What's your take on the art scene here?
I moved from Pittsburgh, PA to SF so the scene was immediately inspiring with so many people making work.. I hadn’t been making visual work in Pittsburgh. Now that I’ve been working for a while and paying attention San Francisco feels a little small compared to the expansive scenes like NYC and LA. That’s good and bad when you consider the pressures to ‘make it’ in those over saturated places.

Something that most people don't notice/ appreciate about your art, that they really should.
I’m really a photographer at heart... also most of the wood I use in my work is 50 to 100 years old

Where can people can see your art?
as of Sept.1st at Swarm Gallery in Oakland and Ampersand International Arts in SF and on my website.