Ross Mirkarimi, the supervisor for the Western Addition/Lower Haight's District 5, was out for a jog this morning around 9:45 a.m. (guess Ross doesn't get into the office early) when he heard gunshots near Fulton and Steiner. (possibly the shots heard by one of our readers?) He called the cops, who then swung by and picked him up in the cruiser to help him find the suspect. Thanks to Ross's good work, two suspects were (gasp!) arrested later in the day.

Ross, we hope you're also reading SFist these days, because that would be if two SFist readers in District 5 helped solve two different crimes in two days!!! Sorry if we're embarrassing you by bringing up all your other lifesaving acts, though. (The papers have always said that Ross doesn't like to brag about his heroism to the press. SO ADORABLE.)

After the jump: the text of the message the SFPD sent out about Ross's involvement in the arrest. LOVE!!!!!

Picture of Ross from the Prog Con, by Steve Rhodes. Bless Steve Rhodes's heart for tagging his pictures "Creative Commons Licensed" in flickr!

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