Man, this dull-as-dishwater mayoral "race" is getting us in the blogging doldrums. Someone do something funny, quick!

Meanwhile, we'll pass along the news of the latest progressive hope for the Newsom mayoral steamroller juggernaut, Quintin Mecke. Mecke's the director of the Safety Network Partnership, active on homelessness and public safety issues, praises Project Homeless Connect, and has worked on Chris Daly's, Matt Gonzalez's, and Ross Mirkarimi's campaigns. His first order of business is going to be to implement uniform standards for homeless shelters and community policing initiatives.

Daly's endorsed him, as has Tom Radulovich on the BART board. (Does BART run to Alamo Square?) Matt Gonzalez, though, is holding off, saying he's not sure if any of the candidates have a comprehensive platform and wants to wait to endorse until he figures that out.

Meanwhile, the thing we found the most entertaining about this article was that the Chron called Daly "an archenemy of Newsom." "Arch enemy"? Who has arch enemies these days, besides, like, Batman? If that's how it's going down, Daly totally needs to regrow that mustache of his really, really long, so he can twirl it when he talks about Newsom.