Yummy photo courtesy of Dinner Party

-One new blog we're eyeing is Dinner Party, who recently put the jam in jammy by making strawberry balsamic jam. We like and find heartwarming the idea of family members sharing a love of food and cooking, what can we say?

-Yee-haw! A slew of Bay Area food bloggers get down and dirty at Alemany farm. There are other volunteer opps at the farm, and you won't get tossed for lacking a green thumb.

-But. If you think you need to grow or improve a green thumb, turn to the I Heart Farms blog, where "foliar feeding," "mushroom compost," and chicken poop make appearances.

-We still like fawning over Marco's purty produce pics and Alemany farmers' market report at Cook Here and Now. Make thee a date with some tomatoes, Asian pears, King Flavor pluots, Ginger Gold apples, and... fresh dates that are "not unlike a persimmon."

-Don't forget, it's called pesto, not blendo.